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    A Letter from the President: “A Call to Action” for the Morehouse Giving Community

    September 1, 2023

    Greetings, Morehouse Community.  

    Following the historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling ending affirmative action in college admissions, I wrote a letter to the Morehouse Community sharing my disappointment with the decision to dismantle a system that has providedexpanded access to educational opportunities for people of color. I also posed the question, “What do we do now?” in higher education to continue to help marginalized communities achieve social mobility. How do we scale programs and adequately fund institutions that have proven track records of producing change agents—change agents whose diversity and expertise enhances corporate innovation, operations, and responsibility in all fields of work? One thing is certain: The kind of progress that is needed cannot be realized without investment and leadership. The world needs Morehouse College now more than ever before. Our success at molding trailblazers and thought leaders is rooted in our mission to develop exceptional men for lives of leadership and service—men who use their intellect and influence to improve society. 
    Today, I am announcing “A Call to Action” for the Morehouse Giving Community to participate in a new day of philanthropy. On Sept. 14, 2023, Convocation Day for Morehouse College and its more than 2,300 students, Morehouse asks you, our loyal alumni, generous benefactors, and dedicated employees, families, and friends, to join the movement to support the education of rising Morehouse Men. Mark your calendars to make a gift to Morehouse College. 

    Now is the time to take a stand to offer deserving students who may feel displaced by the cancellation of affirmative action a bright future at an institution that has been producing outstanding leaders since 1867. A college that has always welcomed students of color and has always been home to Black Excellence—Morehouse College. 
    On Thursday, Sept. 14, we will be calling on philanthropists, foundations, and corporations that have declared a commitment to address racial equity to become our partners and consider investing at the highest levels to scale and resource Morehouse in ways comparable to what is frequently done for majority institutions. We will also be counting on our benevolent alumni and friends to make significant gifts to support scholarships and campus improvements at Morehouse College. 
    It is paramount that Morehouse has the resources to accommodate the growth that we anticipate with the fall of affirmative action. Interest in enrollment continues to increase. 
    Again, mark your calendars to give to Morehouse during the Sept. 14 Call to Action. Thank you, one and all, for standing with us to produce outstanding Men of Consequence for our challenging times. 

    David A. Thomas, Ph.D. 
    President, Morehouse College 


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