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    Elizjai Cooley '24 Named HBCU Scholar of the Year: A Journey of Excellence and Service

    February 5, 2024

    Morehouse College proudly acknowledges Elizjai Cooley, a senior political science major from Chino, CA, for being named HBCU Scholar of the Year. Cooley, a first-generation college student, has not only excelled academically but has also left an impact on the campus community through his commitment to service and leadership. f879f1a0-127e-4b2b-b181-e0793e98e720

    The recognition as HBCU Scholar of the Year is a testament to Cooley's remarkable contributions to the Morehouse community and beyond. His involvement in the Adams Scholars Program, Pre-Law Society, and numerous other initiatives sets a shining example for aspiring scholars and leaders.

    Among his list of accomplishments, Cooley has not only secured a place on the Dean's List but has also received prestigious awards within the political science department. His dedication to research as an EJSP Fellow, focusing on politicians with a special emphasis on championing the cause supported by Raphael Warnock, showcases his commitment to making a meaningful impact.

    In addition to his academic achievements, Cooley has secured two law school fellowships, completed a notable HBCU Workers Justice internship, and dedicated over 200 service hours to various causes. The prestigious Adams scholar designation further recognizes his embodiment of the communal servant leader spirit.

    The achievements don't end there for Cooley, who was honored to be featured in an NAACP documentary highlighting the inspiring journey of Medgar and Myrlie Evers. This recognition underscores his academic excellence and his commitment to social justice and civil rights.

    Perhaps one of the most exciting announcements is Cooley's acceptance of a federal clerkship, a rare opportunity that only 3% of law school students receive. 

    Elizjai Cooley's journey at Morehouse College, which began in the fall of '22, is a testament to his vision and determination. As a first-generation college student, he has not only achieved academic success but has also dedicated himself to serving others and making a positively impacting the world.

    In celebrating Elizjai Cooley's recognition as HBCU Scholar of the Year, Morehouse College acknowledges his exceptional journey and look forward to the continued positive influence he will undoubtedly have as he pursues his career in law.

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