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    Furlough, Job Cut Plan Approved for University System of Georgia

    May 8, 2020

    The Board of Regents for the University System of Georgia has granted the system authority for a plan to possibly cut jobs or furlough employees. The system said it is working with its 26 colleges and universities to develop a new spending plan for the 2021 fiscal year that would feature a 14 percent reduction from the current fiscal year. Georgia's tax revenues dropped by roughly $1 billion in April.

    Most faculty and staff members would be required to take either four or eight furlough days under the plan, depending on their salary. Those with the largest base salaries will be required to take 16 furlough days, the equivalent of a 6.2 percent pay cut. The system chancellor and all presidents across the system will take a 10 percent pay cut, which includes 26 furlough days.

    The system said its institutions and the system office also may need to eliminate jobs to address the immediate impact of revenue and funding losses.

    “Employees of the University System of Georgia and our 26 colleges and universities continue to show resilience and dedication despite facing uncertainty and unprecedented challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Steve Wrigley, the system's chancellor, said in a written statement. “Their work has been instrumental in supporting not only USG’s 333,000 students, but thousands of Georgians across the state. I deeply appreciate the contributions of our employees impacted by these measures, and ask all of us to show our respect, compassion and gratitude for their service to our students.”


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