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    Kamahl Grant 24' Wins Target HBCU Design Challenge

    May 5, 2024

    Senior Kamahl Grant is more than just a mathematics major from Lawrenceville, GA—he's a visionary who blends activism with artistry.

    Recently, Kamahl's art set the world on fire when he clinched the top spot in the Target HBCU Design Challenge. His winning piece, "Twin," wasn't just a painting; it was a window into the soul of Black America, exploring the intricacies of code-switching and respectability politics. People from all walks of life connected with Kamahl's message, and soon enough, Target came knocking with an internship offer. It was the start of something extraordinary.


    Suddenly, Kamahl found himself at the forefront of Target's Black History Month Campaign. His designs, splashed across apparel, became more than just clothes—they became symbols of empowerment and expression. From coast to coast, people embraced Kamahl's art, sparking conversations and igniting passions wherever they went. And boy, did they go fast! His designs flew off the shelves, leaving Target stores scrambling to meet demand.

    But Kamahl's story doesn't end with his art. Throughout his time at Morehouse College, he's been a shining example of leadership and activism. Whether he's leading the charge in the Student Government Association or making waves in organizations like Collegiate 100 and the Morehouse Business Association, Kamahl's commitment to positive change knows no bounds.

    As graduation draws near, Kamahl's gaze is fixed firmly on the future. With dreams of making a difference in the world of business management consulting in Atlanta, he's ready to take on whatever challenges come his way. And if his past is any indication, there's no doubt he'll succeed.

    Congratulations Kamahl!


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