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    Professor Illya Davis finds key to unlock students’ potential

    November 9, 2023

    For Morehouse College philosophy professor Illya Davis, his current purpose may not be his ultimate purpose, but it is exactly what he’s supposed to be doing at this exact moment.

    Recently, rolling out caught up with Davis to discuss his vision for his students as well as a brief overview of his stint at Morehouse. Professor Davis speaks to the profound significance of his role at Morehouse College, where he has dedicated over a decade to shaping the minds of future leaders.

    With a deep commitment to helping his students unearth and nurture their inherent potential, he sees his purpose as a catalyst for their personal and intellectual growth. In his eyes, it's not just about what he imparts to them but the collaborative journey of realizing their unique capabilities.

    How long have you been a professor here at Morehouse?

    I have been a professor here for 14 years, going on 15.

    What is your field of discipline?

    I teach philosophy.

    What do you hope to bring out of these future leaders who come across the campus of Morehouse College?

    Well, I have an aspiration to help them actualize what potential talent they have. So it’s less of what I do to them, it’s more of what I can do with them.

    So my aspiration is to have them actualize the potential they have, as best they can, before they graduate.

    There’s never an end to this, but at least we want to put them on a strong road, and a conducive environment that will produce the best of who they are.

    Watch Professor Davis' full interview here.

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