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    Unveiling Excellence: Insights from the Morehouse College Counselor Symposium

    February 12, 2024

    On January 24th, Morehouse College welcomed 135 registrants to its School Counselors & Access Professionals Symposium, a day dedicated to showcasing the unique educational opportunities the college offers young men worldwide. The event drew attendees from various states including New York, California, Tennessee, Texas, Alabama, and Maryland, emphasizing the national and even global appeal of Morehouse.

    Of the total registrants, 23 came from 12 states, including an international participant from Ghana. A diverse group of 62 attendees, representing public, private, charter, post-secondary, and home schools, gathered to delve into what makes Morehouse a standout institution.

    The symposium featured a mix of engaging activities aimed at providing valuable insights into Morehouse's ethos, programs, and opportunities. Attendees were treated to a comprehensive overview of the college's academic curriculum, special programs, and scholarship opportunities. The day also included a faculty panel with various deans, a student panel, and a keynote address from the college's president.

    Jodi Hester, Associate Director of College Counseling at Woodward Academy and the luncheon speaker at the symposium shared her perspective on the event, stating, "The counselor symposium was a great opportunity to learn more about Morehouse up close and in person. It was a day of invaluable professional development as I consider students who might be a good fit for Morehouse."

    The event was not only a platform for professional development but also a chance for attendees to connect with the Morehouse community. Hester expressed her appreciation for the access to faculty, the admissions team, and the opportunity to engage with students directly.

    The day's agenda included a detailed exploration of Morehouse's academic divisions. Representatives from various departments shed light on programs and majors, spanning business and economics, science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), humanities, social sciences, media, arts, professional and continuing studies. This immersive experience allowed counselors to better guide their students toward fields that align with their interests and aspirations.

    Antonio McFarland, Associate Director of Admissions Operations, Processing, & Special Projects, played a pivotal role in making the event possible. Reflecting on the symposium, McFarland stated, "We are thrilled to provide counselors with the tools they need to guide their students toward the transformative Morehouse experience. This symposium is a testament to our commitment to empowering young men and setting the standard for excellence in higher education."

    The symposium included a campus tour, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the rich history of Morehouse College. Participants gained insights into the college's values, academic prowess, and the vibrant community that defines the Morehouse experience.

    As a counselor attending the symposium, the event not only provided essential information for guiding students but also fostered a sense of partnership and shared commitment. The day showcased Morehouse College as a beacon of excellence, leaving counselors inspired and equipped to encourage their students to consider Morehouse as a compelling option for their higher education journey. The symposium not only strengthened existing partnerships but also set the stage for future collaborations, ensuring that the impact of Morehouse College continues to resonate with students across the nation and beyond.

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