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    Zahni Sylvester-Stewart ‘27 Aspires to Invoke Change Through Film

    September 21, 2023

    As we enter the new academic year, we are pleased to introduce one of our outstanding incoming freshmen, Zahni Sylvester-Stewart. Hailing from East Orange, New Jersey, Zahni arrives at Morehouse, determined to become a change-maker through his passion for film.

    _morehouse1867--Freshman-Profile-ZahniZahni's creative spirit and love for storytelling led him to pursue a Pre-Cinema, Television, and Emerging Studies (CTEMS) major. Aspiring to specialize in directing and screenwriting, he aims to breathe life into unique narratives that resonate with audiences on the grand stage of the big screen.

    When reflecting on his choice to attend Morehouse College, Zahni shares, "Morehouse College epitomizes what I aspire to be in life: a Black man of excellence. Morehouse is truly rare and unique in that it is the only institution in the world that is specifically catered to the educational development and advancement of men of color."

    In his journey as a filmmaker, Zahni draws inspiration from the iconic Samuel L. Jackson '72, an influential figure in the film industry and Morehouse alum. "Samuel L. Jackson is a phenomenal actor and one of the most influential figures in contemporary society," Zahni says. "Ever since I saw him perform in Coach Carter, I was enthralled by his acting ability and dedication to his work. He epitomizes what it means to follow your dreams despite difficulty or doubt."

    In the face of challenges and hardships, Zahni finds unwavering strength and inspiration from his mother. As a single mother raising him alone, she overcame numerous struggles, including homelessness, demonstrating to Zahni the importance of resilience and education. Her love and support have shaped him into the driven young man he is today, and he is determined to make her proud with every step he takes on his journey.

    Zahni's first year at Morehouse will be a profound chapter of growth, learning, and unforgettable memories. We extend our warmest welcome to Zahni as his commitment to excellence, passion for film, and dedication to making a difference exemplify the values we cherish at Morehouse College.

    Welcome to the House, Zahni!

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