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    Jeremy Avan '27 Aims to Empower Black Youth to Pursue Higher Education

    September 21, 2023

    As Morehouse College eagerly awaits the arrival of its incoming freshman class, East St. Louis, Illinois native Jeremy Avan brings with him an unwavering determination with a mission to uplift his community. 

    _morehouse1867--Freshman-Profile-AvanJeremy's chosen field of study is business administration, with a concentration in finance. He dreams of using his success to establish a foundation to empower young people in his community to pursue higher education. Through this foundation, he aims to provide opportunities that divert them from the clutches of crime and violence, ultimately creating a path to a brighter future.

    What initially attracted Jeremy to Morehouse was not just the prestigious institution itself but the legacy of the "Morehouse Man." Having grown up without a father figure, Jeremy sought role models who embodied the qualities of leadership, intellect, humility, and balance. Prominent figures such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Dr. Ilya Davis, Spike Lee, and Maynard Jackson served as beacons of hope. Their lives and accomplishments proved that Morehouse could be the catalyst for his own transformation.

    Among his inspirations, Jeremy also looks up to his older sister, who broke barriers as the first in their family to attend college and earn a degree. Her success has fueled his determination to achieve greatness at Morehouse and beyond. 

    Jeremy’s journey as an incoming freshman at Morehouse College is nothing short of inspiring. With a focus on empowering his community, serving others, and becoming a transformative leader, he is destined to leave a lasting impact on Morehouse College and beyond.


    Welcome to the House Jeremy!

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