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    Dr. Tiffany Bussey Publishes Academic Research To Establish That Business Clinics Induce The Growth Of Minority Businesses

    January 3, 2024

    In a groundbreaking move for the academic and entrepreneurial communities, Executive Director of Morehouse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC), Dr. Tiffany Bussey, and co-author Dr. Greg Price, minority and emerging business professor at the University of New Orleans, have published a research paper in the Journal of Business Venturing Insights. Titled "Can Business Clinics Induce Minority Entrepreneurship? Treatment Effects Estimates From Atlanta and New Orleans," this research is a pivotal contribution to the field, shedding light on the crucial role business clinics play in fostering the growth of underrepresented minority businesses.

    140484371_dr_bussey_headshotThe Research at a Glance

    Dr. Bussey and Dr.Price's research paper is the first of its kind to establish a concrete link between business clinics and the stimulation of underrepresented minority businesses. The study investigates the impact of business clinics on entrepreneurial outcomes for minority groups, utilizing survey data collected from participants in Atlanta and New Orleans. Applying a Rubin Causal Framework, the research seeks to estimate the effect of attending a business clinic on various entrepreneurial outcomes.

    Key Findings

    The results of the study are compelling, indicating that business clinic attendance has a pronounced positive effect on entrepreneurial outcomes for women and non-white minority groups when compared to their white counterparts. The findings suggest that business clinics may serve as an effective catalyst for increasing entrepreneurship among underrepresented minorities, particularly in the Southeastern United States.

    The research draws strength from data collected through the MIEC at Morehouse College and the Urban Entrepreneurship and Policy Institute at the University of New Orleans. The collaboration and data collection between the institutions provided a robust foundation for the study's findings.

    Looking Forward

    While this research marks a significant milestone, it also serves as a springboard for future exploration. Dr. Bussey and her team are now focusing on the best practices within specific business clinic curriculums. The current research agenda at MIEC, titled the Black Business Research Agenda, aims to delve deeper into the nuances of effective business clinic approaches. We can anticipate more insights and revelations in the coming year as MIEC continues exploring this critical area.

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