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    Morehouse College Statement on the Murder of Tyre Nichols

    January 27, 2023


    Joint Statement from President David Thomas, Chief Charles Prescott ’07, & SGA President Mark Nichols ’23 on the Murder of Tyre Nichols


    Morehouse Community – 

    It is impossible to serve mankind if you have no love for one another. We – President Thomas, Chief Prescott, and SGA President Nichols – are writing to you today jointly to come alongside all who are mourning and aggravated by the murder of  Tyre Nichols of Memphis, Tenn., who should still be among us today. No justice served will restore his life and, while the five Memphis police officers involved in  Tyre’s murder have been terminated and criminally charged with second-degree murder and more, we still have little solace as we, again, must await due process, during which another person may become a victim before a solution is declared and the cycle continues.

    Tyre Nichols

    As leaders of this institution, we cannot and will not sit silent as these types of crimes are committed by outlaw officers who disguise themselves in open view as guardians of justice and betray the communities that they are sworn to protect.

    Morehouse, we stand at the crux of advocacy for social justice, safety and wellness for our community, and servant leadership that provides a well-lit path forward towards a more prosperous, equitable future. Earlier this week, SGA President Nichols met with Mayor Andre Dickens and Chief Darin Schierbaum of the Atlanta Police Department to discuss the pending impact of the new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center and confirmed both leaders’ commitment to improved policing practices and relationships with the Black community, while also supporting citizens’ rights to peacefully protest.

    That said, today will be one of those days where the all-too-familiar feeling of frustration with the state of policing will resound around the country, even from within the police community itself. In preparation for expected civil unrest, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has issued a State of Emergency and has called in the National Guard to give assistance where needed.

    It would be a disservice to the rich history of our institution to dispute the importance of allowing your voice to be heard in turbulent times. However, we three are charging our Morehouse community to handle this situation in the same nature as our beloved brother Dr. King. If you should protest, as is your American right, please do so safely, peacefully, and with a spirit of dignity that our ancestors upheld. Please govern yourselves accordingly and adhere to the laws of the State of Georgia and the Ordinances of the City of Atlanta. Students, on-campus counseling services are available to you for your well-being as needed.

    Remain peaceful. Remain calm. Remain watchful. Remain safe. And if you find it challenging to maintain any of these standards, remove yourself from the situation. We need you here.

    We assure you that we will press past this moment and justice shall not turn a blind eye to the injustices against humanity.

    Et Facta Est Lux.

    President David Thomas, Ph.D.
    Morehouse College President

    Chief Charles Prescott ’07
    Chief of Police and AVP Campus Safety

    Mark Nichols ‘23
    Student Government Association President



    Photo Credit: Kris Volker via Commercial Appeal


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