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    2022 Senior Scholar: Jevon Oladele Akindele Ashman

    May 13, 2022

    Jevon Oladele Akindele Ashman is a dean’s list, Oprah Winfrey service scholar majoring in physics with a concentration in computational physics from Charleston, SC. While at Morehouse, Jevon was the co-founder and vice president of Morehouse College’s Robotics Team; safety officer for the AUC’s MakeWay Organization; an instructor for Morehouse’s Culturally Relevant Computer Lab; a research intern for Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Summer Research Program (MSRP); a member of the AUC’s Black Student Roll roller skating organization; a Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program scholar; and a two-time awardee for academic excellence in math (Calculus 1 and 2) by the Morehouse Mathematics Department. After graduation, Jevon will be traveling with Morehouse for their Senegal Service-Learning Program. Following which, he plans to conduct research through a post-baccalaureate program and eventually pursue a Ph.D. in Computational Fluid Dynamics.

    “I want to use my expertise in aerodynamics to improve ‘faster than sound’ air travel technologies and serve as a role model for minority STEM students. Through all of this, I hope to improve the effectiveness of air travel and increase the Black and Brown STEM retention rate.” 

    Jevon describes his Morehouse experience as “camaraderie among the people. No matter how different someone on Morehouse’s campus may appear, there is an experience that we can share and bond over. Spending time among my similarly minded peers has filled me with the determination to confidently move in the world as an adult.” 

    “Being a Morehouse Man means finding the path to greatness through sure grit and willpower. Taking all our determination to produce an idea, a plan, a group, an outcome that is more than capable of achieving greatness…To those who are considering Morehouse: “Morehouse is the idea of black and brown excellence as an expectation, not an exception. So ask, what do you expect from yourself?”


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