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    Class of 2021 Senior Profiles: Cameron Markell Nolan

    May 12, 2021

    The 89th Student Government Association President, Cameron Markell Nolan, is a graduating economics major with a minor in sales from Jackson, Miss. While at Morehouse, he played for the Maroon Tiger Tennis Team and served as Brazeal House president, a Morehouse student ambassador, New Student Orientation leader and Pillar, and in the Student Government Association. He earned a number of awards and recognitions such as the Emerging Leader Award, Otis Moss Oratorical Competition, Evolving Leader Award, and served as a Candle in the Dark Gala presenter. After graduation, Cameron will begin his career at Salesforce, Inc. as a business development associate as well as remain steadfast in his freelance filmmaking and photography practice.

    Cameron’s tenure at Morehouse was one of many successes and lessons. At one point, he was on the brink of losing his academic scholarship, was removed from his position as Brazeal's House president, and, thus, was flooded with embarrassment. It was at this moment that one of his mentors provided a major reality check, which helped him use that embarrassment to fuel future endeavors. Ultimately, Cameron raised his GPA, maintained his academic scholarship, and continued to lead at Morehouse in several other capacities.

    “Morehouse taught me that hardships are inevitable, but it is from the darkness that we are able to see the stars,” he said. “Being surrounded by like-minded individuals provides an ‘iron sharpens iron,’ ‘band of brothers’ experience that has molded my mindset, and thus, my actions.”

    “Morehouse is undoubtedly the best decision that a young Black man can make in his life. I was able to rebrand, rebuild, and repair who I once was. If you are considering Morehouse, do it. This space is unlike any other, and I thank God for leading me here.”


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