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    Kevin Hart and Will Packer Visit Morehouse

    September 17, 2018

    Comedian Kevin Hart and director Will Packer visited Morehouse College recently to talk to students about how important education and persistence are in achieving career goals.

    The event, “Real Talk,” was co-sponsored by Morehouse’s Cinema, Television & Emerging Media Studies Program and Office of Student Development.

    More than 200 students, faculty, and staff packed Bank of America Auditorium to hear the motivational talk.

    Hart told students the key to achieving your dreams is to be able to match your ambition with an outstanding work ethic and determination that can carry you beyond rejection.

    “Being persistent and consistent is the hardest part because people don’t have that,” Hart said. “People don’t have the persistence to say, ‘I’m going to get up everyday at 6 a.m., and I’m going to go to this building … and give my resume everyday.’”

    And you have to commit to going everyday even if you get turned down everyday, he added.

    “My persistence and understanding that I was talented allowed me to hear ‘No,’ 3,085 times,” Hart said. “On 3,086, the ‘Yes’ was the biggest yes ever, and I never turned around. Once you get the one yes, the no’s don’t matter.”

    The stop at Morehouse was part of the promotional tour for Hart and Packer’s new comedy “Night School,” which hits theaters this month. Hart stars in the film with comedian and actress, Tiffany Haddish.

    Hart, who attended classes at Temple University and Community College of Philadelphia, encouraged students to complete their education and take their success into their own hands.

    “A degree is an amazing thing to have,” he said. “It gives you the self-fulfillment that the hard work that you put into education has paid off, and you’ve got papers to prove it. A plan with a degree is powerful.”

    Hart advised students to put their plans into action starting freshmen year. He said they should network with professionals in their fields of study and find internships to gain work experience so they are competitive for jobs by the time that they graduate.

    “You need to put yourself in a position to actually be in the field that you’ve worked hard to be in,” he said. 

    Packer, an alumnus of Florida A&M, shared his pride for his HBCU during the talk and praised Morehouse for educating successful alumni. 

    Hart is a supporter of scholarships to fund higher education. Last month, four Morehouse scholars were recently named among 18 recipients of a new $600,000 UNCF scholarship funded by Hart. The "Help From The Hart Charity Scholarship," which is designated for graduates of KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) Public Schools, supports high-achieving students who demonstrate leadership talent and need financial assistance to pursue their college degrees.

    Dr. Stephane Dunn, associate professor and director of Morehouse’s CTEMS, said the Hart and Packer visit helped to motivate students to pursue their dreams.

    "People who are actors, directors, writers, and producers started the same way that our students are starting — with ambition and passion," Dunn said. "This gives students an opportunity to hear their stories and be inspired to work hard."

    To view the “Real Talk” discussion with Kevin Hart and Will Packer, visit

    For news reports on the visit, follow the link below:


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