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    Morehouse College SGA Leads Trip To Chicago Public Schools During Football Classic

    September 21, 2018

    Two busloads of more than 100 Morehouse College scholars bound for the 21st annual Chicago Football Classic arrived in the Windy City a day early to mentor middle and high school students at Chicago area public schools.

    The community outreach, which was led by the Morehouse College Student Government Association and the Morehouse College Department of Student Life, is part of an effort to encourage high school students of color to consider higher education and see their potential as future leaders.

    "This trip has become a biannual trip that the SGA has been sponsoring since 2015," explained Quintin Paschall, SGA President. "It was originally inspired by Spike Lee's movie Get on the Bus. In 2015, the idea was to get a bus and travel from Morehouse College up to the Million Man March and visit a school.

    “Since then, we have gone to D.C. every year,” Paschall added. “This year, we went to Chicago in the spring, as well as in the fall."

    Paschall said typically the SGA brings 40 students on the trip, but that number quickly increased by more than 100 percent recently because the trip was held during the weekend of the Chicago Football Classic.

    "We introduce the community to Morehouse … and the Mystique,” Paschall said. “The representation of black intelligentsia is important to share.”

    The 106 Morehouse students held empowerment sessions at University of Chicago Charter School at Woodlawn, Kenwood Academy, Dunbar High School, and Pullman Elementary School. Morehouse students led discussions about leadership, HBCUs, and how to finance a college education.

    The sight of Morehouse scholars proudly entering the hallways of the Chicago public schools had some middle and high school students staring in amazement.

    “Their eyes lit up to see us,” Paschall said. “Some children are not able to see young black men who are 20-something articulate their names and goals proudly."

    Some scholars who traveled with the SGA were Chicago area natives. They shared their stories with teens from their hometowns to inspire them to pursue a college education.

    “Our students have a story to tell,” said Kevin Booker, associate dean of Morehouse’s Department of Student Life. “It is our hope that our visit will inspire high school students to realize that education is the key that opens doors. We hope that they will come to understand there are opportunities beyond the neighborhoods that they live in.”

    The highlight of the trip for the men of Morehouse was the opportunity to see Morehouse defeat Miles College, 23-21, and the time that they spent on the bus traveling 1,400 miles with their brothers.

    “The bus experience allows men of Morehouse to grow closer,” Paschall said. “It gives us a greater sense of brotherhood.”

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