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    Joint Statement about Israel & Gaza

    October 16, 2023

    Our lives have been saturated with the profoundly distressing events unfolding in Israel and the Palestinian Territory. The recent bombings, with their devastating impact on innocent lives and communities, are a stark reminder of the urgent need for inclusive peace in the region. We wholeheartedly condemn the Hamas terrorist regimes for their intentional evil actions upon innocent people in Israel and Gaza.

    The conflict in the Middle East has a long and complex history, with roots that extend far into the past. The recent escalation of violence in Israel is not isolated but part of a deeply entrenched conflict that has caused immeasurable suffering for both Israelis and Palestinians. The reasons behind this situation are multifaceted, including political disputes, historical grievances, and legal, social, economic, religious, and territorial factors. It is vital that we understand these complexities to move towards a lasting and just peace.

    We must acknowledge that no one benefits from these ongoing, violent hostilities. The continued loss of innocent lives, the displacement of families, and the destruction of homes and infrastructure only perpetuate a cycle of violence that leaves both Palestinians and Israelis suffering, and the world full of fear and insecurity.

    In this moment of great despair, as cosmic citizens, it is our intentional responsibility to inspire all parties involved to prioritize diplomacy and magnanimous compassion to work towards a moral cosmopolitan peaceful coexistence. We encourage meaningful dialogue and nonviolent means to seek sustainable solutions to their differences and grievances. Realizing that there is no path to peace and that peace is the path, requires tremendous virtue values, courage, sacrifice, and empathy from all denizens.

    Morehouse College has a long history of advocating for freedoms, justice, equality, and peace. We encourage all members of our community to educate themselves about the complexities of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to engage in open and respectful discussions, and to stand up against hatred, bigotry, and discrimination wherever they may be found.

    Let us remember that peace is not an abstract ideal, but a concrete necessity for the well-being and prosperity of all cultures and environments. We hope and pray that leaders on all sides of this conflict will take immediate steps towards reconciliation and dialogue to prevent further loss of innocent lives. Our thoughts and prayers are with all affected by this transitional crisis toward the beloved world community.


    David Anthony Thomas, Ph.D.

    President, Morehouse College

    Lawrence Edward Carter Sr., Ph.D.

    Dean, Martin Luther King Jr. International Chapel, Morehouse College

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