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    McKinsey Consultant and Morehouse 2020 Valedictorian Golden Daka Selected for Schwarzman Scholarship

    December 6, 2023
    Golden Daka, a consultant at McKinsey & Company and the valedictorian of Morehouse College's Class of 2020, has achieved the remarkable distinction of being chosen as a member of the prestigious Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2025, making history as the first Zambian recipient of this esteemed scholarship.

    Golden DakaGolden Daka's journey is marked by academic brilliance and a commitment to making a lasting impact on the world. Graduating summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, he majored in psychology and earned accolades such as the 2020 Top Ranking Senior in Psychology Major Award, the Harry and Sophie Rosenman Award in Psychology, and departmental honors. 

    After completing his undergraduate studies at Morehouse, Golden embarked on a journey with McKinsey & Company, where he serves as a business analyst. His strategic counsel has been instrumental in guiding Fortune 500 firms, prominent non-profits, and government entities in the healthcare and social sectors. Golden's work at McKinsey reflects his dedication to value creation and advocacy for an equity-driven approach.

    A native of Zambia, Golden envisions becoming a global leader in advancing health equity within emerging markets. His impactful tenure at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, where he pioneered an Africa program amid the COVID-19 crisis, showcases his commitment to addressing pressing global challenges.

    We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Golden for being selected for the Schwarzman Scholars Class of 2025. This prestigious scholarship recognizes individuals who demonstrate academic excellence from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic contexts. Daka's inclusion in this elite group is a testament to his outstanding achievements and potential as a future global leader.

    "Morehouse gave me a really good space to express who I was and who I wanted to be, Golden said."The College had encouraged me to become the best version of myself as possible." As we eagerly await the results, we look forward to witnessing the continued success and positive impact Golden will undoubtedly have on the world.

    Congratulations, Golden!

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