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    Maroon Tiger Reports on George Floyd Protests, COVID-19 Consequences

    June 10, 2020

    This post is part of our Social Impact Summer Series. Initiated by The Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis and the Faculty Blog editorial team, the Series is meant to facilitate timely reflections and commentaries on unfolding events and to provide space for our faculty colleagues to strategize and coordinate efforts as we work toward freedom for ourselves, our students, and our communities.


    The Maroon Tiger has been the avenue of expression for Morehouse students since 1867. Since the Journalism and Sports Program began in 2007, the Maroon Tiger has expanded from solely a printed paper to a news organization that also includes a website that is its main platform and a video component called Tiger TV. The Maroon Tiger is staffed by Morehouse, Spelman College and Clark-Atlanta University students.

    In light of the continued worldwide protests against the killing of George Floyd, The Maroon Tiger has posted related content at

    The content includes a video of a protest march organized by Atlanta University Center students, a column by Rashad Townsend describing how vulnerable he feels as a 20-year-old black man, a news article by Torrence Banks about students' reactions to the police assault of two AUC students, and Shakim Muhafiz's coverage of their press conference on campus.

    The Maroon Tiger staff also has written articles about the impact the coronavirus has had on their personal lives and on the lives of health care workers. There are six articles in the News section, a feature article by Dantez Simpson about a nurse balancing her work and the risk of passing the virus to her children, a column by Patrick Darrington about how death has become an ever-present thought in his mind, and sports columns about the NBA by Miles Arthur and Corey Guy.

    The writers are Maroon Tiger staff members and students taking courses in the Morehouse College Journalism and Sports Program. We hope you enjoy the fruits of their talent.


    Ron Thomas (@Ron_Thomas32) is the director of the Journalism and Sports Program and David Dennis (@DavidDTSS) is an adjunct professor of journalism.  Together they advise The Maroon Tiger.

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