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    Fred Humphries ’83: Morehouse Alum 7 Trustee Among Washingtonian’s 500 Most Influential People of 2024

    July 9, 2024

    Morehouse College is proud to announce that Fred Humphries, a distinguished Morehouse College alumnus from the class of 1983 and a dedicated trustee, has been named one of the Washingtonian's 500 Most Influential People of 2024. This prestigious recognition highlights individuals who are making significant contributions to the policy debates shaping Washington, D.C., and beyond.


    Fred Humphries has built an illustrious career as the Corporate Vice President of U.S. Government Affairs at Microsoft. In this influential role, he has been a key player in driving legislative and policy initiatives that impact the tech industry and government operations. One of his notable achievements this year is his support for a Senate bill that champions the adoption of multi-cloud technologies to address challenges with current cloud implementations within the government.

    The push for multi-cloud solutions is a forward-thinking approach aimed at enhancing security, reliability, and efficiency in government IT systems. Humphries’ advocacy for this bill has garnered bipartisan support, reflecting its potential to revolutionize how the government manages and deploys cloud technology. Despite the broad support, the bill is still in committee, highlighting the complex and often lengthy legislative process.

    Humphries’ influence in this arena is a testament to his deep understanding of both technology and policy. His ability to bridge these two worlds and garner bipartisan backing is a rare and valuable skill in today’s polarized political landscape. His work not only impacts the tech industry but also has far-reaching implications for how government services are delivered and secured in the digital age.

    Fred Humphries’ journey from Morehouse College to the corridors of power in Washington, D.C., is an inspiring story of dedication, expertise, and leadership. His recognition by the Washingtonian is a reflection of his significant contributions and the respect he commands across industries and political divides.

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