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    Class of 2021 Senior Profiles: Salutatorian Amari Kendal Parris

    May 11, 2021

    The class of 2021 salutatorian Amari Kendal Parris is a kinesiology, sports studies, and physical education major from Silver Spring, Maryland. While attending Morehouse, Amari maintained his Dean’s List status in the Howard Thurman Honors Program while also joining Phi Beta Kappa, Health Careers Society, James P. Haines Society, becoming a Presidential Ambassador, Residential Advisor, and participating in the e-Sports Club. Upon graduation, he will pursue a Master in Sports Management at Columbia University with the long-term goal of becoming an intercollegiate athletic director.

    To Amari, a Morehouse Man “is unwaveringly authentic and purpose-driven. The incredible Morehouse men who have helped me are unapologetically themselves and are better for it. Each has a unique mission that they must fulfill, and they must embrace all of themselves to do it. Morehouse Men show up as themselves for themselves, and by virtue of doing so, show up for their brothers and the community-at-large.”

    When considering Morehouse, Amari advises prospective students to do the following:

    • Find purpose in your journey at Morehouse to avoid missteps and provide a sense of peace and security in yourself when you inevitably experience doubt or disregard.
    • Do not acquiesce to fit a role that is smaller than your purpose. God built you with distinction in mind, and He will prosper you in unimaginable ways if you operate with the awareness of this fact. Do not shrink to make others feel more comfortable; you will only stunt your growth.
    • Find people who add value to your life. Build relationships that propel you toward your goals, manifesting positive thoughts, words, and actions with people. When this is done correctly, the friends and mentors you meet along the way will provide you with the resources to achieve your dreams and actualize your purpose.”

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