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    January 31, 2024 | Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    Dr. Muhsinah Morris Speaks on DEI cuts in the  Tech industry

    In a compelling and insightful conversation, Dr. Muhsinah Morris, the Metaversity Director and Senior Assistant Professor in Education, engages with On Topic to shed light on... Read More
    January 26, 2024 | Student Success

    Robert Pinkney '24 featured in the wall street journal for his early investments in the stock market

    Originally published on Robert L. Pinkney, 21 years old, learned about finance sitting on the lap of his grandfather, who would read the newspaper’s business... Read More
    January 24, 2024 | Featured

    Martin Luther King Sr Community Resource Collaborative Receives $4M Grant from US Department of Education

    The Martin Luther King, Sr. Community Resources Collaborative (MLK Sr Collaborative) was awarded the U.S. Department of Education’s Education Innovation and Research Grant Read More
    January 17, 2024 | Alumni Achievement

    Joel Griffith ’09, head of growth for the AI startup Bot-It, appears on ABC’s hit show, ‘Shark Tank’

    Alumnus Joel Griffith ’09, head of growth for the AI startup Bot-It, alongside the company’s founder Maurice Bachelor appeared on ABC’s hit show, ‘Shark Tank’ to pitch... Read More
    January 12, 2024 | In the News


    Martin Luther King, Jr., ’48 developed his approach to nonviolent social change while a student at Morehouse under the tutelage of intellectual leaders who would influence... Read More
    January 12, 2024 | Featured

    Morehouse College Announces 2024 Founder's Week & Awards Gala

    Morehouse College has announced the celebration of its 157th anniversary with its annual Founder's Week commemoration activities, reflecting on the history and legacy of... Read More
    January 10, 2024 | In the News

    Dr. David Thomas Joins Rev. Sharpton on MSNBC to discuss Dr. Gay's resignation from Harvard

    In a recent MSNBC newscast, Morehouse president Dr. David Thomas joined Rev. Al Sharpton live to share his perspectives on the resignation of Dr. Claudine Gay from Harvard... Read More
    January 9, 2024 | Humanities, Social Sciences, Media, and The Arts

    Dr. Regine Jackson Speaks on the Imperative Role of Black Women Leadership in Higher Education

    Dean of Humanities, Social Sciences, Media and Arts and professor of sociology, Dr. Regine Jackson, joins On Topic to share her experiences, wisdom, and reflections on the... Read More