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    August 10, 2021 | Morehouse Faculty

    Vilification of Critical Race Theory Spreads Fear, Hate

    This op-ed was originally published by the Telegraph-Herald. _____ The campaign against critical race theory is a disingenuous and concerted effort on the right to limit... Read More
    June 16, 2021 | Morehouse Faculty

    Moral Leadership’s Still Important

    This op-ed was originally published in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. ______ One year ago, masses of Americans took to the streets to protest the murder of George... Read More
    June 8, 2021 | Morehouse Faculty

    The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act Must Be Made Law

    This post was first published at The Equation, a blog of the Union of Concerned Scientists. ______ It is critical that the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (JLVRAA)... Read More
    February 15, 2021 | Morehouse Faculty

    Honoring a Forgotten Past: An Author’s Journey

    History, as nearly no one seems to know, is not merely something to be read. And it does not refer merely, or principally, to the past. On the contrary, the great force of... Read More
    January 23, 2021 | Morehouse Faculty

    Participation Matters: Notes from a COVID Vaccine Trial Volunteer

    A curious thing happened when I visited my primary care physician for my yearly exam. It goes without saying that this visit was different from all of the previous... Read More
    December 1, 2020 | STEM

    Education Equity is Social Justice: Morehouse College and STEM Education

    Persistent disparities in access to education remain prevalent in the US. These disparities prevent access to pathways for attainment of degrees and employment in science,... Read More
    November 3, 2020 | Morehouse Faculty

    My Research with The United States Air Force

    The United States Air Force is dedicated to research and committed to giving back to the academic community by providing opportunities for civilian full-time science,... Read More
    July 23, 2020 | Morehouse Faculty

    Georgia’s Election Disaster Shows How Bad Voting in 2020 Can Be

    This op-ed was originally published on July 22 in The Conversation. ______ As the nation mourns civil rights icon John Lewis, a congressman and lifelong advocate of voting... Read More
    June 19, 2020 | Morehouse Faculty

    The Pandemic and Protests Underscore the Relevance of King’s Philosophy

    This post is part of our Social Impact Summer Series. Initiated by The Institute for Social Justice Inquiry and Praxis and the Faculty Blog editorial team, the Series is... Read More